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Ergänzungspaar Gewicht: ca. 4kg 20mm Gewindedurchmesser... [Product Details...]



54,90 € *


zum einfachen Ausheben von Löchern für Eck- und Torpfosten.... [Product Details...]


Die weiße Ummantelung für 12er Eck- und Torpfosten mit Deckel - so erreichen Sie ein einheitliches Bild Ihrer Weide.... [Product Details...]


robuste Einschlaghilfe für die Unipfähle... [Product Details...]


digital 12V- and 24V-battery-tester comfortable and easy to handle very exact because of the 3-digits-display extreme solid plastic case... [Product Details...]


With this battery tester it is possible to check the conditions of 9V-batteries and determine if they have to be replaced... [Product Details...]


digital 9V-battery-tester comfortable and easy to handle very exact because of the 2-digits-display extreme solid plastic case testing range from 5,5V... [Product Details...]


comfortable 10-step 12V-accumulator tester testing range from 10V to 14,3V with warning lamp for wrong polarity green testing range shows the good... [Product Details...]


Due to the solid construction and the robust handle this cinc coated metal box is perfect for carrying electric fence energizers and batteries. The angular... [Product Details...]


The electrified metal casing defends your electric fence energizer against burglary, as the fence energy is also applicated to the metal casing. At the... [Product Details...]


contact- and cordless fence tester 3 ultra-bright LED's blink with every impulse which is given to the fence due the extreme brightness of the LED's ... [Product Details...]


Zaunprüfer ZP100 kabellosmit ultraheller weißer Leuchtdiodebesonders bequem, einfach und schnellauch zur FernüberwachungSichtweite am Tag ca.... [Product Details...]


digital and cordless especially comfortable and easy to handle no grounding needed runs with a 9V-battery with automatic ON/OFF-function testing range:... [Product Details...]


Zaun- und ErdkabelsetZaun- und Erdkabelset für alle Batterie- und Akkugeräte. Mit Edelstahlkontakten ... [Product Details...]

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